Week 7

The brief for this week stated we needed to implement bluetooth into our program. I began by looking over the program to see where would benefit from bluetooth integration. I reprogrammed the calibration block in order to accept boolean values instead of button presses for the inputs.


The current limitations of the software means that the loops are required in order to force the program to wait for the bluetooth values to be recieved.

I then decided upon adding a bluetooth function to the main program which allowed the user to stop/start the program via bluetooth boolean values. I asked my team if they could think of any other applications for bluetooth in the current program, but received no suggestions in return.


As of now, I cannot work out any way to implement colour detection (as required in our bare-bones game plan) without breaking or re-writing the current program. I have asked other members of my team to look at the program themselves over the weekend and the coming week in the hopes that one of them can come up with a better way.

Week 7

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