Week 8

Beginning with a review of my request to my group at the end of last week:

None of my team even looked at the program. None of them know how the current program works, nor even know how the software works. I have come to the conclusion that I will have to complete this program alone, otherwise it will remain incomplete.

Furthermore, no progress has been made with the videos. We have no footage of the current program. Whilst I could also take the time to film the robot myself, I feel that my time on the project is better spent on the program. One group member persists in evading all contact and all group sessions. Yih-Ling has spoken to our group with regards to the individual, although that does not aid us (me) in completing the current project with one less person.

In the first session this week, I had a breakthrough. I managed to create a program that made the robot follow the line using the colour measurements instead of reflected light intensity. This paved the way for the rest of the program, and I was able to quickly implement a way for the robot to detect other colours whilst continuing to follow the line smoothly.

I created a flowchart as a plan for the game, detailing roughly what each colour function would do, and roughly how the program would execute each function.


One of the group members created a track over the week, which we were to use in the presentation of the program (as detailed in the brief for this week). Whilst this was good news, the bad news came in that the robot failed to execute the program properly on the day of the presentation. I had to explain to the guy running the session that the robot didn’t seem to be working, and requested that they skipped us. Whilst the other groups went ahead and demonstrate their robots and gained valuable feedback on their games, I sat and attempted to fix the program, and my group, the wonderful help that they are, sat and watched me for an hour. Two of them even went to the other side of the desk and talked about Match of the Day. After an hour I still couldn’t work out why the program that had been working not a day before hand, had suddenly stopped working, and so I asked my group to view the program, and I went and watched the other groups show off their robots. When I returned at the end of the session, the program was how I left it, and they were still talking about Match of the Day.

Week 8

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