Report – Components and Processing

EV3 Components

The LEGO® EV3 Home which we were supplied with contains 1 EV3 programmable brick, 1 Color sensor, 1 Touch sensor, 1 Remote Infrared Beacon, 2 Large Motors and 1 Medium Motor (Lego Mindstorms Product page n.d.).

The main EV3 brick has 4 RJ12 input ports for connecting the sensors, as well as 4 RJ12 output ports for connecting the motors, a USB host port for either chaining the brick to other bricks or for a Wi-Fi dongle. For transfer of data between computer and brick, there is a Mini USB port and a Micro SD Card port. The brick acts as a microcomputer, and allows you to control different motors/sensors individually as well as take readings from the sensors and display them on the screen. You can also control individual Wi-Fi connections and run programs that have been stored on the robot. There is also a high quality speaker on the back. It can be powered by either 6xAA batteries or a 2050mAh lithium rechargeable DC battery pack. The sensors are each powered and accessed via the RJ12 ports.

The brick runs on an ARM9 300MHz processor, and has 16MB Flash-RAM and 64MB RAM. The operating system is Linux based. (botbench EV3 review 2013)

Aside from the brick and sensors, the set also contains over 500 LEGO® Technic pieces with which to build the desired robot model, as well as sets of instructions for a few of the models. The rest of the models’ instructions can be accessed via the LEGO website.


LEGO Corporation (n.d) Mindstorms EV3 Product Page [online] available from <> [30 November 2015]

Soldaat, X. (2013) Bot Bench: Comparing the NXT and EV3 bricks [online] available from <> [30 November 2015]

Report – Components and Processing

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