Report – Wireless Communication/Bluetooth

The Bluetooth functions of the robot require a third-party application which is only available from the Google Play Store under the name ‘EV3 Mailbox Remote’. The application works by selecting a Bluetooth connection to the robot, inputting a matching mailbox title, and then sending either a String, Value or Boolean data type. For certain functions, the robot will only accept certain data types, and so will not change state if it receives a different type.

For our game, we decided to implement user interaction via Bluetooth. At the start of the game, the user can initialize the game via either a button on the front panel, or by sending a Boolean ‘True’ value to the robot. The robot then requests that the user input the number of laps via the screen on the front. The user can then send a value via Bluetooth to decide the number of laps. This number will be displayed on the screen throughout the duration of the game. The user can opt to skip this input via a button, after which the game will set the number of laps it is to complete to 3.


Ferdinand Stueckler (2013) EV3 Mailbox Remote [online] available from <> [2 December 2015]

Report – Wireless Communication/Bluetooth

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